Welcome to FatDawgs!

We are Apple iPhone / iPod Touch Application Developers.

Whether you are looking for an application to keep track of your widgets or just a simple application to excerise your tired eyes, we can do the job.

We are also adept at providing web and graphic design, photography and even a little bit of IT training modules - available via Amazon Kindle.

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Other stuff we do -

Sounds of Montana

Meditation and Relaxation Soundscapes

Web Design

Graphic Design


IT Training Modules










Now that you have a new adorable puppy - what are you going to name it? myPooch can help with that!


Available on the App Store

myBack App
myBack is a series of five basic stretches set to a natural soundscape. The soundscape helps distract your mind for maximum relaxation.
eyeGYM app
eyeGYM provides four "eye puzzles" to help exercise your eyes.
eyeGym2 app
eyeGYM TWO provides an eye exercise that allows your eyes to find a randomly moving dot on the screen.
eyeGYM3 app
eyeGYM THREE provides an eye exercise that allows your eyes to find numbers and alphabet letters.