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The more research we did on this subject, the more our eyes opened to the really vulnerable situation most Windows users are in whenever they connect to the Internet to surf or read and send e-mails. There are many opinions out there from get covered now to don't bother. The key point is if you use Windows, and you log onto the Internet, then you need to protect yourself.

We've been working on PC's since the 90's, and memories of Melissa, Nimda, and I Love You viruses still haunt us. The problem is there are so many viruses today that just one name doesn't stand out like in the early days. The fear factor isn't there anymore, because we all put our faith in whatever antivirus program we have installed.

But, a study done in Australia shows that the top three antivirus programs miss close to 80% of the new viruses infecting a system (read about it here). Another study shows that when installing a top selling antivirus program, that it can use up to 50% of the system resources during boot up, and slow down your hard drive access by 16% (read that article here).

So, what's a person to do? If you are using Windows, and you log onto the Internet, you need to protect your self with an antivirus program. The key to having an antivirus program is not just installing it, but also keeping it updated daily with the company you purchased it from. An antivirus software company that offers you daily signature updates is the best way to go.

One way to avoid all the hassle is to buy a MAC (read this article). But, that isn't always in the cards for everyone.

If you are still thinking about not installing an antivirus program, then think about this.... how much would it cost to format your hard drive, reinstall Windows, reinstall all your programs, not to mention the cost of all your data you have lost, whether it be pictures of the family reunion, or that Excel spreadsheet you use to keep track of your check book balance?

Believe us, it is not a pretty sight to work on a virus infected system.