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If you work at a computer for long periods (or are maybe just getting a little old), you might find your eyesight getting worse. Or, your eyes are just tired at the end of a long day staring at a computer screen, paperwork, etc.

One reason for worsening eyesight and eye fatigue is the inability to refocus during eye movement. That is, your eyes get used to focusing on stationary objects, such as a computer monitor. To make matters worse, these objects are often at a fixed distance. eyeGYM provides four "eye puzzles" to help exercise your eyes. Two of the puzzles are 'paths' drawing your eyes from start to finish in a flowing single path. The other two eye puzzles are mazes. In the mazes your eyes have to find the path to get from start to finish.

Using eyeGYM regularly throughout the day might just improve your eye fitness and vision.

Note: This program is not a game. There are no time limits or skill required to follow the paths provided. Take your time moving your eyes through the maze and paths.