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Pay as You Go

FATDawgs offers cost effective flat fee support rate of $25 an hour.

Onsite support payable via check, cash or money order.

Telephone support payable via PayPal.


PC Optimization Special

A complete overview of your system to optimize performance. Includes:


Disk Clean up

Driver Update


Five Tips for Keeping Your System Running Optimally.

Do you really need an AntiVirus program?

FAQ: Purchasing a new computer? Frequently Asked Questions about buying a computer.

Why a MAC may be the best computer for you.



In today's world, everyone needs a company that can offer quick, easy and cost effective support for their computer. FATDawgs provides that and more!

Our Services include:

Onsite, Online and On the Phone Support
Let professional computer gurus solve your problem. If you are local, we can come to you. If not, pick up the phone and call us. Or, email us at
When deciding to make a purchase, whether it be one computer or many, FATDawgs can help you. Let us point you in the right direction to spend your money wisely!
Network Design
FATDawgs can design your network no matter if it's at home or a business.
System Design
Looking for that special computer, and you are not finding it at the local discount store? Let us help you design a computer specifically for what you are going to use it for.
Preventive System Maintenance
FATDawgs offers maintenance packages to help keep your system performing at its peak.
Vulnerability Assessment
Not sure how secure your network is? We can assess your vulnerability, and offer ways to better protect yourself.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
A disaster can be as small as an electrical surge knocking out your hard drive, or as big as Katrina. FATDawgs can give you options to backup and help recover your network or computer as painlessly as possible.
FATDawgs offers one on one training, or training to a group in your establishment. We can train on most all Microsoft Products, some Adobe Products, and even training on hardware, such as printers, scanners and computers.
Hardware / Software Installation
Got a new program as a gift, but you are just not sure how to install it? Or maybe it is that piece of equipment, such as an additional hard drive or a DVD burner/writer? Call FATDawgs for your options on installation.