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Have you ever woke up with a back that is stiff and sore? Sure, we all have. Long hours at a desk can turn your spine into concrete. To make matters worse, a stiff back can lead to more serious physical problems if ignored.

myBack may help with the physical discomfort, and may avoid future problems. myBack is a series of five basic stretches set to a natural soundscape. The soundscape helps distract your mind for maximum relaxation.

The program is easy to use. Start with stretch 1. Position yourself as in the picture. Move your knees to the left (Position 1), start the soundscape. When the soundscape changes, move your knees to the right (Position 2). When the soundscape ends, continue through the next stretches.

Do the myBack stretches once or twice a day. Your back might loosen up, and you might even feel the magic ‘pop’ as your back realigns itself!

Please check with your doctor before starting any exercise / stretching program.

The soundscape consists of two 1 minute samples of Sounds of Montana. A relaxation / meditation album containing longer versions of Good Morning Montana and Montana Rain. This can be found on iTunes.