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Ask Mack! He'll pick a name for you!

You think it’s hard picking a name for your baby... well, try picking a name for your new puppy!

Using random selection, myPooch will help you do just that. Mack chooses a name for you from a database containing over 600 names. And these aren’t your everyday boring names. You can have a Spy dog (character names from movies such as Bond, Bourne and Mission Impossible), a Toon dog (character names from your favorite Saturday morning cartoon or animated movie), or a coveted famous Football player dog - who wouldn’t like a dog named Butkus!

Leave the choosing up to Mack - just press Ask Mack, and he’ll choose a name for you. If you don’t like it, Ask Mack again. Keep repeating until you find that perfect name!

Embrace randomness. Randomness is good!